A SECOND CHANCE is the product of a long-lasting love for designer fashion running deep in the family bloodline.Our founder started the boutique with a love and passion for Chanel that eventually expanded to other designers including Louis Vuitton and Hermes. As her knowledge of designers and her inventory grew, so too did her team.  The Daughters: The owner's daughters started studying under their mother at an early age with some of their fondest memories taking place in the store.  Spending many days after school coming in to help the owner (or hiding behind the clothing racks) they gained a deep understanding  and appreciation of not only designers but also the devotion needed to run a boutique in New York City.  It was only a matter of time before the duo joined their mom in the family business.  The elder sister came on board in 2008 after several years in corporate retail and the younger daughter joined in 2010.  Now Co-Senior Buyers, the girls have helped to expand the business in more ways than one including the addition of a second location in Soho as of 2011 and increasing the boutique’s digital presence into social media as well as redesigning their web-store.  To top off the family affair, the owner's husband completed the team in 2012 joining A Second Chance as the brand’s COO after 30+ years in telecommunications. Being Native New Yorkers with Italian heritage, strong family ties are just as important as their commitment to excellence at the stores, frequently leaving after closing to go to back home to discuss the day over a family meal.



With 15 employees rotating between locations, a combination of creativity, chaos, comfort, and couture best defines the energy found in and embraced by the ASC team.  A Second Chance team members have a knack for genuine client services with the special ability of making their customer feel like a close friend or another member of the ASC family.  With the owners constantly around, clients will almost always have an experience working directly with one of them; however one thing is certain, the ASC team always tailors the experience to meet their client’s needs and leaves them with a fun, positive memory - like one you’d get shopping with your best girlfriends! 



  • The ASC team members are experts in the designs they sell with a thorough understanding of product history, how to authenticate and how to identify specific date codes for certain designers.
  • Products are meticulously curated to encompass everything from keepsakes, to classics as well as sought after current collections.
  • Store standards are above and beyond your expectations of resale as each piece is carefully cleaned and inspected before being displayed and if flaws are found, great measures are taken to ensure that the condition is as pristine as possible.  If any flaw is not able to be corrected, the imperfections will be noted in detail via images and specifications on the ASC website and to potential buyers before sold in the stores.