Beginning in 1986, Chanel bags were produced with a sticker tucked away on a corner, pocket, or tab in the interior called a hologram sticker. This sticker had a unique serial number that can be used to identify the year the bag was made, and also aid in authenticating the item. From 1986- early 2005 the serial number consisted of seven digits, and from late 2005-present the serial number is changed to be an 8 digit sequence. Below is a chart of the serial numbers with the corresponding years.

All Chanel bags also come with an authenticity card which has the hologram number in gold letters stamped on one side.  Although these cards are sold with all authentic Chanel bags from the store, it is important to note that they are not always included with all pre-loved Chanel bags depending on the previous owners’ inclusion of it when passed along to one of our stores.


About the Chanel Classic:

The first classic was produced in February 1955, thus names the “2.55”.  The original double flap bag had a rectangular “mademoiselle” lock and a chain link strap.  This style was re-issued in 2005 to celebrate Chanel’s 50th anniversary. 

In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld joined as the Chief Designer for the house of Chanel and started incorporating more of the CC logo. Karl introduced the CC twist lock on the classic flap bags, making the updated classic the new timeless most coveted item from Chanel.  

Chanel uses the finest materials and pays attention to every detail when making one of their items.   The authenticators at ASC make sure to inspect the materials used, stitching, special markings on the hardware and stampings to each individual item. 


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