Chanel Bag Investment Guide

Owning a Chanel bag is, in itself a status symbol. Whether you’re flaunting a quilted classic, throwing a medallion coin bag over your shoulder or topping your weekend look with a wallet on chain; you know when you’re wearing it, there’s a confidence that goes with! Even better, many of the designs made season after season are a great investment as their value will continue to increase over time. So, if you’re new to the Chanel handbag scene or you’re like us and going loco for all things Coco, read on to learn the best practices to investing in a Chanel handbag including types to consider, how to shop, and what to keep in mind!

Tip 1: Always Choose a Classic Style- By classic look we aren’t just talking about the Chanel classic bag, but also many other designs that are recreated season after season. These bags include:

Tip 2: Choose a Versatile Color- Again, especially for those of you who think you might end up reselling the bag eventually to cash out- choose a color that you know is in high demand or worn on a regular basis: Beige, brown, black, and navy would be our top choices.

Tip 3: The More You Keep, The More You Can Get- Here, we are talking about whatever you purchase the bag with- new or pre-owned- if it comes with a dust bag, box, authenticity card, care booklet- the works- you’ll want to keep that for two reasons: 1) to keep your bag in the best shape when it’s not on your arm, and 2) because you will automatically increase value and decrease skepticism for a future buyer.

Tip 4: Buy From a Credible Source- Whether you choose to buy resale or brand new- make sure wherever you buy your bag from is credible and has an authenticity guarantee
(to learn more about Chanel serial numbers for authentication click here)

Tip 5: Material Matters!- Soft leathers like Chanel’s lambskin are beautiful to touch however, if you plan on wearing this new investment on a daily basis, are not the best material to get. We recommend if you’re one that gets a lot of wear out of your bags, to go for the caviar leather- which is a pebbled, more durable leather. This way the wear won’t show as much.

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